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Our sea salts are hand harvested and produced in small batches using water from St. Margaret’s Bay in Nova Scotia, Canada. We offer our Original Sea Salt, a series of flavoured salts, and other products made from our premium edible salts.

We sell our salts at Farmers’ Markets around Nova Scotia. Click the link above to view our calendar of dates and locations.

We’re a small family-run business based out of Hubbards, Nova Scotia, Canada. Click the link above to learn about the mother-daughter team behind the salt!

Our Salt Collection

We’re proud to offer a series of flavoured salts along with our original flavour. Click below to learn more about the flavours that we’re currently producing!

The Saltern

Our salt production facility isn’t open to the public, but we’d love for you to reach out to us with any questions or concerns! You can use the form here, or reach out via telephone or email.

  • Hubbards, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • (902) 719 4844

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