Handcrafted sea salt from Nova Scotia

We are a small, family-run sea salt producer based in Hubbards, Nova Scotia. We have been meticulously crafting our salt crystals since 2018, and sell our products at farmers’ markets, online, and at fine local retailers. 

Our gourmet cooking salts are a perfect taste of Nova Scotia’s natural landscape – crisp and electric, with a sweet finish. We recommend using our salts for finishing a dish, seasoning sauces, spicing up snacks, or for adding a little something special to baked goods. You can also use it in place of table salt at mealtimes.

Sea salt is made up of many wonderful natural minerals, including sodium chloride (also known as table salt). These minerals vary depending on where your salt comes from, as each shoreline has a different mineral composition. This is why every sea salt is different, and has a unique flavour profile!

We package our salt in reusable and recyclable glass containers. We also use biodegradable labels and cellulose packaging – it looks like plastic, but it easily composts! We are always looking for new ways to lessen our footprint and to use new technologies to offer a waste-free product.

Opening soon for the 2020 season!

We’re excited to start producing our sea salt as the weather becomes milder this spring! As we are a seasonal business, our work starts to ramp up in March each year. We anticipate this being another big year of growth for us, and can’t wait to show you what we’ve been concocting all winter.

Like all other small businesses in Nova Scotia, we are concerned about the effect that the COVID-19 virus will have on our community and our business. Additionally, we take the safety of our food products extremely seriously. We’re fortunate in that we produce an extremely shelf-stable product that is naturally antibacterial and a preservative, but we are planning some additional safety measures for our production this year.

This winter, we have been renovating our dedicated sea salt production building to make it an even more efficient and useful space. As we are a small family business, only 3-4 people enter into this space; our facility is not open to the public. We practice frequent hand washing and sanitize our workspaces regularly, and of course, if any of our family members get sick or suspect they may be getting sick, our production will be put on hold.

We’re doing everything we can to balance our small business’ survival with our community’s safety during these uncertain times. If you have any questions or suggestions for us, you’re welcome to direct them to us using the contact form below.

Thank you for all your support. We’re looking forward to bringing you more sea salt this season!

Marsha & Rebecca

The Saltern

Our salt production facility isn’t open to the public, but we’d love for you to reach out to us with any questions or concerns! You can use the form here, or reach out via telephone or email.

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