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Original Sea Salt

Our bestselling product is the Original Sea Salt we manufacture here on the beautiful coast of Nova Scotia’s South Shore. We use the cold, clear water from St. Margaret’s Bay and distill it to produce our salt in small batches. Every jar is filled with lovingly hand-harvested product that is perfect as a finishing salt, seasoning salt, or however else you’d like to use it in your cooking.

When we describe the flavour of our salt, we like to say that it starts off electric and mellows into a sweet kind of saltiness. Our salt is a bright white colour due to the cold temperatures of the North Atlantic ocean.

Flavoured Sea Salts

We combine our original sea salt with a range of delicious ingredients to create flavoured salts that are perfect for finishing dishes, adding extra flavour, or dressing up popcorn! Some of our flavours include:

  • Garlic Sea Salt
  • Rosemary Thyme Sea Salt
  • Lemon Sea Salt
  • Red Wine Sea Salt
  • Chilli Lime Sea Salt
  • 3 Pepper Sea Salt

Texturising Salt Spray

Sea salt is amazing for your hair and body, too! Our popular texturising spray is a hair product that adds texture and natural waves to your locks. We make our sprays with a signature blend of essential oils and aloe vera to add softness, along with our original sea salt! We use edible grade ingredients for this product so you can be assured of the quality and safety for your body (we don’t recommend tasting it, though!)

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